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The new mobile calibration program from HYTORC is available in nearly every major market in the US. The vehicles have been fully customized to include the latest mobile calibration technology from AKO Torque in a climate-controlled environment with the ability to calibrate hydraulic, pneumatic and manual torque wrenches up to 20,000 ft-lbs.

HYTORC is accredited in accordance with the recognized International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Click here to view our PJLA Certification

The vehicles are equipped with a full workspace for tool repair and an inventory of spare parts and loaner equipment that can be lent to customers on-site in the event that a tool must be returned to the larger repair facility. The vehicles have their own power systems so calibrations and repairs can be performed in remote areas.

All HYTORC tools come with an industry-leading one-year, 12-word warranty: "If a tool breaks during use we fix it free of charge". The word "Misuse" is not part of our vocabulary! Additionally, any repaired parts are guaranteed for 6 months after the date of repair. Tool warranties can now be extended at purchase for an additional two years for a total of three years of worry-free protection. For older tools, within three years of purchase date, an additional two years of warranty can be purchased after a complete inspection and repair (subject to cost of parts and labor).

On-Site Repair Services

FREE tool inspection and inventory
FREE loaner tools for major repairs
Repair of all brands hydraulic wrenches
Repair of HYTORC Pneumatic Tools
Repair of HYTORC Hydraulic Pumps
100% Authentic HYTORC Repair Parts

On-Site Calibration of

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches
Pneumatic Torque Wrenches
10K PSI Hydraulic Pressure Gauges
Torque Multipliers
Manual Torque Wrenches
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Tool Calibration includes

FREE tool inspection and testing
FREE maintenance for minor issues
FREE calibration certificates
FREE inventory records and reminders Available
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Torque Tool Calibration Services

Our calibration service enables you to verify the torque applied by your wrench

We can issue a verification certificate including calibration after dissembly and lubrication of your wrench. A good way to Calibration Servicesdo the job the best way! Verification based on ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Standards.

ISO/IEC 17025:2005 covers testing and calibration performed using standard methods, non-standard methods, and laboratory-developed methods.
HYTORC is accredited in accordance with the recognized International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005
Click here to view our PJLA Certification

Verification based on ISO 6789 and NF X07011 & X07015 standards 7722

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